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How Much It Will Cost To Rewire a House

Rewiring a house involves removing as much of the old wire as possible and installing modern non-metallic wire. The non-metallic wires are safe, easy to install, and do not get hot when surrounded by insulation.


Keep in mind that electricians might use fish wires through walls to preserve an older house, using rods and a thin metal line called fish tape. This includes just a small cut and patch but holds plaster walls while adding modern non-metallic wiring facilities.


Below are some of the average installation costs according to the types of houses:


One bedroom starts at $100.

Two-bedroom starts at $150 to $200.

Three bedrooms can cost between $200 and $250.

Four bedrooms can cost between $250 and $300.

Five bedroom houses and larger ones can cost from $300 and will go higher depending on the house's size.