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Ceiling Fan Installation Cleveland OH

Installing a ceiling fan can be challenging because of the processes. But when you have our team, you can easily achieve the best results.

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Avoid These Mistakes During Ceiling Fan Installation

There are several home enhancement works that you can do by yourself, and there are some that require professional work. Know when the project needs to be handled by professionals to avoid damages and more expenses.
Some people think that installing ceiling fans is an easy task. However, calling a professional electrician for this task helps avoid dangerous mistakes and ensure safety. If you prefer to do the ceiling fan installation yourself, you should avoid these common mistakes.

Ceiling Installation Cleveland

1. Going directly to the installation process without measuring the ceiling slopes
To get good air circulation, plan the fan’s location and placement properly. It would be best to determine the ceiling slope’s measurement so that each fan hangs from the right height.

2. Forgetting to shut off the main power
Ceiling fan installation requires the proper connection of the wires to your home’s wiring system. Failing to shut off the main power supply can be extremely dangerous, which means you need to be extra careful when handling appliances.

3. Not removing the old box before installation
Remove the old box before installing the fan and shut the main power off as you remove it. If your old ceiling fan has been around for several years, consider checking the box for damages and replace it with a better box.

4. Improper ceiling fan wiring
Proper ceiling fan wiring is the most crucial part of the process. Technical knowledge of the correct wiring process and experience significantly contributes to successfully installing your new ceiling fan.

5. Improper assembly of the fan
Before hanging the fan to its ideal placement and height, it is best to assemble it correctly. We suggest that you read the manual that comes along with the fan.
Installing ceiling fans by yourself seems less costly, but these mistakes can put you and your family in danger. Hiring someone to install your ceiling fan might seem more expensive, but it guarantees you safety, especially for an appliance that hangs above your beds or living areas.

How Much Does Ceiling Fan Installation Cost?
The average cost of installing a ceiling fan is $75 to $150. However, it may cost around $150 to $350 for both parts and labor. Hiring a handyman to install ceiling fans costs $50 to $80 per hour, and the installation usually takes one and a half hours to two hours. If you hire a professional, it may cost $85 to $100 per hour, and it will take 2 hours or more to install new wiring.
The average cost of installing a ceiling fan with light is about $100 to $300. You might pay more than $500 for the new wiring that separates the switches of the blades from the light. Your service provider will have to remove the existing fan first and replace it with the new fan.
The labor cost to install ceiling fans on average is up to $50 to $200. Hiring a handyman will cost $50 to $80 per hour. In comparison, a professional electrician may cost $85 to $100 on average but often charges $150 to $200 for the first hour. For a simple pull and replace, you can save a lot if you hire a handyman. For anything that involves installing new circuits, junction boxes, and panels, better hire a licensed electrician.

Ceiling Installation Cleveland

Ceiling Fan Installer Near Me

Ceiling fans have three primary purposes; to cool rooms without using air conditioning, enhance decorative elements, and add light to brighten the room. Not all companies will include the price of installation during the purchase of fans. Some fans are easy to install; however, electrical work and skills are necessary and this is what many homeowners lack. Professionals can install the ceiling fan properly and ensure that the wires are connected correctly.
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