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Electrical Wiring Cleveland OH

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How To Install An Electrical Outlet?

Too many extension cords can ruin the appearance of your house interior, and they are often dangerous. Adding a new outlet is a solution to this problem. Wiring an outlet can be easy and quick without opening a wall—no need for extra holes, messy patching, and repainting.
Follow this method to install a new electrical outlet without pulling a lot of wires.

Electrical Wiring Cleveland

Tools you need:

  • 4-in-1 Screwdriver
  • Needle-Nose Pliers
  • Drywall Saw
  • Wirecutter/Stripper
  • Voltage Tester

Materials you need

  • Electrical cable
  • Outlet
  • Wire Connectors
  • Remodeling Box

Step 1: Turn off the electrical outlet.

  • Shut off the power at the main panel. Look for the right breaker and turn it off.
  • If you already determined which electrical outlet to use as a power source and turned it off, locate the electric stud on both sides. Use an electric stud finder.
  • You may put the new outlet anywhere between the two studs.
  • Unscrew the outlet and use a voltage tester to double-check if the power is turned off.
  • With lead touching a bare copper wire(ground wire), connect the other end first to the silver-colored terminals (neutral terminals) and then to the gold-colored terminals (hot terminals). The circuit is still live when the light glows on contact.
  • Trace the shape of the new electric box on the wall with a pencil. Using drywall, cut out the hole. Make sure to buy a remodeling box that is mounted on a stud. It should be one that you can secure to the drywall.
  • From its box, unscrew the old outlet on the other side of the wall outlet. Then, remove one of the knock-outs at the back of the box.

Call a professional electrician if you have aluminum wiring. This kind of wiring needs special handling.

Step 2: Supply new cable into the wall.

  • Supply a length of new cable through one of the knock-out holes at the back of the old box.
  • Supply the sufficient cable to reach the new box plus an extra foot.
  • For a 15-amp circuit, use 14-gauge wire.
  • Connect the wires of the new cable to the old wires. 
  • Remove around 10 inches of sheathing from the new cable wires to expose the wires.
  • Run the new cable with sheathing at least two inches up inside the box and double-check the extra cables to help hold the wire in place.
  • Strip ⅝ inches of insulation off the ends and connect the wires from the new line to the current bundles: black to black, white to white, ground to ground.
  • For the four wires in each bundle, use new wire connectors of enough size.

Step 4: Pull the cable to the new location.

  • Cut out the opening for the new box with a drywall saw.
  • Pull the cable to the opening cut. Then, remove around nine inches of sheathing at the end of the line. Insert the cable into the box and install the box on the wall.

Step 5: Wire the new electrical outlet.

  • Install the new box in the opening. Connect the new wires to the new outlet.
  • Ensure the cable sheath is still secured inside the box.
  • Lastly, call Electrical Wiring Cleveland, OH, to inspect your work.
Electrical Wiring Cleveland

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