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Home Safety Inspection Cleveland OH

Electricity is connected to fire, so inspection is a must. We can provide you with a thorough inspection to ensure that everything is in good condition.

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Electric Inspection Cleveland, OH

48 people on average died because of electrocution every year between 2010-2013. A lot of people died because homeowners fail to do an electric inspection. Hiring a professional electrician to conduct electrical home safety inspection is necessary to prevent more danger. The professionals can identify issues that need immediate attention and solve them.

Home Safety Inspection Cleveland

How would you know that there are electrical problems? Look for these signs:

1. Unusual odors coming from wires and plugs.
You can usually smell odors from new appliances and fixtures due to its paint, finish or some other superficial issues. If there is an unusual smell coming from an electrical outlet, unplug anything that connects to it, and do not use it until an electrician has checked it. And also, call an electrician right away if there is odor from your fuse box or breaker panel.

2. Warm switches and sparking outlets.
Call a professional electrician right away if your outlet is sparking or your light switches are warm to touch. Your wiring might need repairs or your fixtures need replacements.

3. Flickering lights.
A power outage usually causes flickering lights. Power outage usually happens when the appliances in your home are making demands on the electrical system, which can not be handled. If flickering lights happen more often, it would be better to consider upgrading your home’s wiring.

4. Buzzing sound.
Immediately turn off the fixture if you hear any buzzing, sizzling or cracking sound, and call a professional electrician. Outlets and switches should operate without any noise.

5. Hot ceiling fixtures.
Hot ceilings may indicate insufficient insulation. It would be best if you inspected the area of your ceiling fixtures. A hot ceiling may also indicate overheating due to exceeding recommended bulb wattages. Either of these issues can cause a fire hazard. It would be better to switch to light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs or compact fluorescent light (CFL) as they do not produce much heat, unlike the incandescent bulbs.

6. Rodent Dropping
Rodents like mice and rats may cause damage to wirings, and it leads to fire hazard. If there is any sign of rodent activity around the electrical fixtures, inspect all wirings for signs of damage.

If you see any of these signs at your home, call Electric Inspection Cleveland, OH, to help you with these issues. On the other hand, there are some ways you can guarantee safety when it comes to electrical outlets.

To prevent electrocution or injuries related to electrical systems, make sure that all outlets have cover or switch protectors. You should also fix any electrical work that is exposed around the house and lessen wire clutter.

Keep young children, particularly toddlers, away from outlets and electrical cords. They tend to bite or play with electrical cables or poke metal objects into outlets or appliances.

Seasonal hazards may also cause electrocution, especially during the Christmas season when there are a lot of lights and electronic decoration. The usage of electrical products increases, combined with the arrival of colder weather and it increases the possibility of electrocutions and electrical fires. The first step in avoiding electrical hazards and preventing damages during this season is following the manufacturer’s instruction. You can find safety tips and reminders to help you and your family stay safe. Contact Home Safety Inspection Cleveland, OH, for you home inspection.

Home Safety Inspection Cleveland

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