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How much will it cost to rewire a house

Rewiring a house is critical as it can keep the place safe. Knowing the price will also help you how much you need to prepare for the job.

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How Much Will It Cost to Rewire A House?

Our house is one of the most significant assets that we have in our lives. We want it protected and safe from any hazard. And that includes fire hazards from any electrical damage. So in case that you have an issue with your wiring, you yourself or your electrician might recommend considering rewiring to have a safer and fire hazard-free home. This could also lessen the worry that you are thinking about every day. However, it is better to have an idea of how much the cost to rewire a house is; this is essential to know how much you need to prepare for the budget.

How Much will it Cost to Rewire a House

The usual point is that the cost will always depend on the complexity and how big the house is. To have a better understanding, we will be more specific about the usual fees.

On average, you have to prepare $1,342 for the cost to rewire a house. The job can go to as low as $558 but can even reach $2,190 for an average home. You have to understand that the professional fee would differ depending on the skills and equipment used and how long the electrician will need for it to be completed, as this includes the size of the house.

We expect this much for the cost because you have to hire a professional and not just an apprentice. After all, this job is very hazardous and potentially dangerous to your house if mistakes or spots were missed. Professionals are licensed, and you can rest assured that your home will be safe from electrical damage.

The other factor why it costs quite a lot is because of the inspection for documentation and permits. And electricians cannot start the job without a permit. This is to ensure the legality of the process and for your safety because the inspection and permit will identify whether the planned rewiring can meet the standards to avoid any electrical concerns in the future.

The Specifics
To provide you a clearer idea, an average of wiring or wiring costs around $6 to $8 per foot, and it could go up to $2 more when you choose to invest in heavy-duty wiring. In normal circumstances, an electrician will not provide the charge of wiring. Instead, it will be given to you as a set. You can ask for the breakdown so you would have more understanding about the services and materials used.

It would help if you kept in mind that most professional electricians do not charge by the hour during the opening services, rather a set. The openings usually consist of switches, receptacles, and fixture boxes. Once these are already set, that is the time that an hourly fee will be charged and differ, especially for some technical issues that require a specific set of skills.

Always remember to get an estimated quote for the cost to rewire a house. This will ensure that you will not go over your budget. Get in touch with us today for more information on our services. We offer affordable rewiring services, ceiling fan installations, surge protection, and so much more. Call us today!

How Much will it Cost to Rewire a House

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