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Smoke Detection Installation Cleveland OH

Fire can start anywhere, anytime. Let our experts install your smoke detector for a safer home.

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Smoke detectors are installed in our properties to notify us if a fire has started or if there is harmful smoke in the air that requires evacuating the people who are inside the property. If a smoke detector is not installed properly or not installed at all, it could be a fatal move for everyone. The decision to have a smoke detector in your property has already saved a lot of lives and Smoke Detection Installation Cleveland is here to assist you to make your property more secure and safe from fires.

Smoke Detection Installation Cleveland


Our team of professional electricians install your smoke detector for you. Many people think that smoke detectors do not need professional installation. Smoke detectors have electrical wirings that need to be connected with your property’s electrical wiring system. Some smoke detectors also have emergency power in case the main source of electricity is cut-off. Our team makes sure that this mechanism works as well since it is an important gadget that keeps your property safe. Smoke Detection Installation Cleveland ensures that the smoke detector and its inner workings will function well when the time comes that it is needed.

When our clients ask us to install their smoke detectors, we inspect their properties first. Our team will check the electrical wiring systems that are placed in the property and see how the smoke detectors wirings would be integrated to the existing wiring system. The inspection is also an opportunity to see how many detectors are needed in the property as well as the possible hazards that could happen if a fire was to start in the property and how the detector can help avert this crisis. After the inspections are done, the team would report and give their suggestions and course of action to the property owner to be approved. Once the property owner approves of the plans discussed, the team would proceed to install the smoke detector. After the installation, the smoke detector would be tested using its test button. Once it works, the team would leave notes and guidelines for the property owner to follow on maintenance and simple troubleshooting. We would also make sure that the property owner as well the residents of the property are familiar with the alarm sound that the detector makes when it detects smoke.  If the property owner has problems that cannot be solved by any of the advice given, they are encouraged to contact us again so we can do the repairs or maintenance ourselves. We adhere to the national standards of installing smoke detectors as well as using smoke detectors that are appropriate to the property.

We establish our relationship with our clients not to pry but to keep them safe and always in the know of what to do especially when issues arise in their properties. Smoke Detection Installation Cleveland believes that we are responsible for our clients’ safety and we will do our best to give our 100% when it comes to our installation service.

Smoke Detection Installation Cleveland

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Prevention is always the best solution to avoid damaging problems. Having a smoke detector is a good measure of prevention. If you want to know more about the services we offer and the details of installing your smoke detector in your property, do not hesitate to contact us. We at Smoke Detection Installation Cleveland would be more than happy to help you keep your property safe and sound! Call us today. 

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