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Surge Protection Cleveland OH

Power surges sometimes happen, and that could break your appliances. Our team can provide surge protection to keep your appliances in great conditions.

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A power surge happens when there is an excessive amount of electricity that flows into your property via your electric lines. This can happen because of either internal or external factors. Internal power surge is caused by your appliances that have a “power kick” when you switch them on or off. This “power kick” is like a reflux of electricity that may return to the electricity source and damage other appliances or gadgets that are plugged in your sockets. An external power surge on the other hand is caused by things that alter the flow of electricity from the electric power plant to your property via the electric lines. If an electric line pole was hit by lightning, it could absorb its energy that may cause a surge in power. Another example would be when power returns right after an outage, electricity supply excitedly flows along the power lines which causes a surge in properties that are served by the electricity provider.

Surge Protection Cleveland

It is bad for properties to experience a power surge since it can damage appliances which have a recommended amount of voltage and amperage. In worst case scenarios, it can cause fuse to break or burst and even start a fire.


One thing we cannot have in your property is a fire caused by a power surge. The best thing to do to prevent this is by having a protection from the surge. Surge Protection Cleveland has services that would help property owners protect their properties from the dangers of receiving too much electricity. Our team of licensed, professional and skilled electricians are ready to install surge protection in your property. Before we proceed with the installation, we let our clients know about the process and how it would work. Power surge protection, after all, is a teamwork between the property owner and the electricians.

The power surge protection that we install is multi-layered. It cannot be just one layer of protection since power surges are unpredictable and not easily diverted. The protection that is installed does not stop the flow of the electric current. Instead, they displace it or distribute to another part of the electrical wiring system. Surge Protection Cleveland starts with a layer of protection in the property on a small scale; wall outlets where appliances are plugged in. After that, the next layer of protection is done on the property’s electricity breaker and meter. Finally, the last layer would be between the connection of the property on a power line and the meter. This multi-layered protection can withstand surges and distribute power evenly without damaging property. Still, a better move than just manually removing and returning your appliances plug in the outlets.

After installing these layers of protection, our team would then inspect the property for more possible hazards when a power surge happens like faulty wiring, outdated electrical systems and overloaded circuits. If these things are present in your property, no matter how many layers of protection are in place, it would still not save you from the dangers of power surges and other electrical issues. It is always best to have a clean and stable electrical systems for a safer and better usage of electricity in the property.

Surge Protection Cleveland

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There are numerous ways to protect your property from sudden power surges, but it is always best to consult with the professionals and work with licensed and skilled electricians to solve this issue. Surge Protection Cleveland values the clients’ safety and will surely do the job for you. If you have any queries on the services we offer or want to know more about how surge protection works, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to serve you!

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